Perfect Tow Truck for a Damaged Vehicle

Professional, certified, well-equipped and highly reputable recovery and towing companies use top-quality accessory configurations and equipment specifically designed for certain situations. Since the ease of access and the sizes of vehicles may differ significantly, full service recovery and tow companies should acquire a range of accessories and tow trucks in order to handle all challenges that may possibly come.

The Best Type of Tow Truck

The leading tow truck for all situations depends on a lot of factors. What works for a normal passenger damaged along the roadside may not be applied on an overturned huge trailer in a gutter. Trying to recover the vehicle with a low powered tow truck can even be very dangerous as well as fruitless.

The following are some of the few factors which determine the best recovery and tow truck for any given situations:

1. Orientation of Your Vehicle – upright or overturned.

2. Weight and Type of the Broken-Down Vehicle – a normal passenger vehicle, pick-up truck, camper, huge truck or tractor trailer.

3. Level of Damage – no to minimal damage may need a different approach compared to a badly damaged car in which some or even all of its tires are no longer running.

4. Distance from the Road – some distance down the slope or on the berm.

Types of Recovery and Tow Trucks

Chain and Hook

Towing vehicles equipped with a chain and hook tools have been used for so many years, though, they are mainly used for entirely damaged cars nowadays. As a matter of fact, the procedure is to simply connect the accessories and hook to the axle or front end of the car, then lift and tow. However, the issue is that this process has, every now and then, proven to further damage an already damaged car, and also, can compromise 4-wheel or all-wheel drive units.


Flatbeds are basically equipped with hydraulics which allow bed to tilt into the ramp mode, drive or pull the car onto the bed and return to the horizontal mode. This procedure is very simple and safe, minimizing the risk to damaging your car.

Integrated Tow Units

Attached to high-capacity and heavy-duty systems which may include some kind of hydraulic accessories, integrated tow systems may be used for towing cars into an upright manner or lifting them from less traffic off-road areas.


These systems are very usual for regular passenger vehicle towing. The yoke-type apparatus wraps around the rear or front wheels without even touching the metal portions of the unit. The tow truck simply lifts and then drives away. The driver will lift the damaged car by the drive wheels in order to prevent further damage to your drive and transmission system.

Vehicular breakdowns or accidents are not just limited to passenger cars, light-duty pick-up trucks and SUVs. As we all know, these occasions also involve heavy-duty vehicles, tractor trailers, RVs, buses and some other devices that need towing and recovery by specially equipped tow trucks which handle bulk and massive tonnage. Powerful Meridian towing devices, together with advanced expertise to the field is very required to transport and lift heavy equipment away from the accident site to a much safer place.