Dos and Don’ts of Renting a Party Bus in Boston

Planning a party is really difficult. There are many things you should consider like the food, drinks, the guests and many more. But if you want to make your party a memorable one, why not rent a party bus? It can be fun and perfect for small parties. You and your guests will have a great time while riding along the city. 

So, if you are finding a party bus rental Boston MA company, be sure to read the dos and donts first. 

The Do’s When Renting a Party Bus 

1. Do ask questions before you hire the right party bus. Before you hire a party bus, you have to make sure to ask questions. This is very important because you have to ensure the safety of the people who will be there. You have to ask what is the model and the condition of the vehicle you will use. Make sure they will give you only the modern type and the vehicle is well maintained. Do not book for a company in Boston with old types of buses. Aside from that, the bus should be properly registered and the driver has a valid license for driving.  

2. Do ask for a written contract. It is essential to ask for a written contract to ensure that the cost matches the services provided. The agreement should have important details such as the deposit, the bus price, insurance, date of rental and every important detail. The party bus should also additional services such as the entertainment equipment, chilled drinks and other needed for a party. 

3. Do arrive on time for the pickup and be on time for drop off. It is important for a party bus company to be on time to pick up their clients and stick to the drop off schedule. Most of this kind of rental service, you will be charged per hour. So, be sure to remind your guests to get on board at the scheduled time. This will make you sure that you stick only to your budget.  

4. Do remember the minor policy for drinking. You have to remember that no minors are allowed when there are alcohols in the bus. If there are guests under the age of 21, the driver should not allow them to enter the vehicle. This is for the safety of the company and as well as the protection of all the guests. 

Don’t When Renting Party Bus 

1. Don’t hire at the last minute. It is ideal to hire a party bus for a minimum of one week before the event. Often times people book at the last minute which some good service providers are not available anymore.  

 2. Don’t bring additional people. Every party bus has a limit of guests to accommodate. Mostly, they will accept 18 to 30 individuals only. But a full-size coach bus can accommodate up to 50 people. It is very essential to ask the company how many guests are allowed before you start writing a long list of guests.  

3. Don’t be rude to the bus driver. The bus driver is trained to be respectful to the guests all the time. It is important to avoid not treating well the driver. You can complain directly to the company if the driver is not also treating the guests with respect.